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Microsoft Joins with Google To Favor White Space

The debate about using white spaces in the television spectrum white space is getting red-hot as a Nov. 4 vote by the Federal Communications Commission grows closer. As further proof that telecommunications policy makes strange bedfellows, Microsoft has joined Google in urging the FCC to allow white space to be used for a national wireless broadband.
In a telephone conference with reporters Monday morning, Microsoft chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie said the software giant agrees with Google that using the white space could make the United States a world leader in broadband access, particularly in rural areas.
"As we look to rural communities, we'll see more community broadband connectivity," Mundie said. "Using unlicensed white-space spectrum, we could connect farmhouses in the square states that you couldn't achieve with Wi-Fi."
FCC Gets Lots of Static
The white-space pot has been simmering for a long time -- in fact, Mundie said it's an idea Microsoft has been looking at since 2002. The debate intensified earlier this year when Google cofounder Larry Page traveled to Washington to urge the FCC to look into the proposal.

Getting Answers from Your Cell Phone

It's easy to get spoiled by computers. You type in a search term and get instant results. The whole Internet is at your command, giving you the facts you need. But step away from your desktop or laptop and suddenly it's not so easy to get the latest scores or look up company data. Sure, some cell phones are getting better at accessing the Internet, but you can't drive and type any more than you can walk and type -- although people try it with disastrous consequences.

Import Your AOL Journals into Blogger
AOL Journals is closing down on October 31, and as affected journal owners wonder where to move their blog, AOL has partnered with Blogger
.com to provide a smooth transition for these journals.

Download Google Earth App for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

Now you can carry the earth in your pocket! Google has released the Google Earth
App for Apple iPhone and iPod touch, which lets you run the amazing technology in the palm of your hand.
The functionality of the iPhone and iPod touch enable you to browse Google Earth in more ways. Swipe your finger across the screen and fly across the globe, tilt your phone to tilt your view and easily pinch to zoom in or out, or just double tap with one finger to zoom in and two fingers to zoom out. The My Location feature lets you fly to where you are in the real world right now.

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